Artists and social media

On the occasion of a recent case when a Slickbag endorser was removed from the artist roster due to an inappropriate post on Facebook, here is how we look at social media posting.
First of all it is okay to be upset about things. It could be political decisions or charity scams. The variety of reasons to be upset or angry is more or less countless. But it is of great significance to be careful with words, as it is not up to the writer to determine how people should interpret their posts. It is not okay to write posts that are racist, homophobic or hostile to religion. And it is definitely not okay to wish harm or death upon people, which was the case referred to in the beginning.
Slickbag expect each and everyone of our Artists to act and behave professionally and social media is no exception, regardless of whether your profile is private or public, if you have one friend or a million followers in your network.