New year and lots of news

2018 is the year when Slickbag will launch a bunch of new models. We are a bit excited about it actually. How about a line of red leather bags for drummers? Leather Stick bag, Snare bag and Cymbal bag have successfully been sampled and we believe these products will be available for purchase around Aug-Sep this year.

There will also be two new high-end gig bags for Electric guitar and Bass. In December 2017 drawings and drafts were finalized and approved by the factory and we can’t wait to see the first sample!
The Premium Line will not only be lightweight with the regular smart Slickbag functions, they also feature a whole new padding construction, making these bags extremely strong and sturdy.
If things go well, there might be a real leather version of this monster bag… So if you’re looking to buy the best gig bag possible, well then it’s time to start saving some bucks!