Among other gig bags – why Slickbag?

There are plenty of gig bags on the market. Most of them are very thin and not very protective. Then there are some brands that make really good gig bags and Slickbag is one of them. So why choose Slickbag? Here is four answers to that question.

  • Protection. Our bags* are made to protect your precious instrument from heavy impact. Slickbag offers more than protection needed for a gig bag.
  • Lightweight. Slickbags are very lightweight and will most likely save you money on not having to go to a back cruncher on a regular basis…
  • Features. If you buy a Slickbag you get a user friendly gig bag with features that make your gig life easier; long straps for tall (bass) players, shoulder straps with Velcro lock to avoid them from hanging around your knees, smart storage and optimized pockets for important accessories, keyboard stand attachment (SLB-KB88), super padded and ergonomic shoulder straps, flame proof Polyester etc etc. The list goes on.
  • Price. Amazed by the ridiculously expensive gig bags from “over there”? So are we. Slickbag is sometimes called “Affordable Premium” and that is an accurate description. Feel free to compare our bags with other Premium brands to see what you get for your money.


* “Bags” are referred to as our general line of gig bags. We offer a couple of budget models for Keyboards which are less sturdy. But so is also the price.