Gig bag Headless Guitar

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In 2020 we developed this sturdy gig bag that fits several Headless Guitar models from strandberg, Harley Benton, Kiesel, Skervesen and Canton as well as the Teuffel Tesla. We think it’s a really good pick to protect the more expensive guitars. Very well padded, lots of storage, padded and ergonomic shoulder straps with Velcro lock are some of the great features. Comes with a detachable angled inside bottom cushion for perfect match with strandberg models.


  • 30 mm high density foam padding
  • 83 x 31 (upper bout) x 37 (lower bout) cm, approximate internal measures
  • Padded underneath the main zip
  • Front pocket compartment with lots of storage
  • Leather coated handles
  • Internal bottom and bridge reinforcements
  • Comes with an angled detachable bottom cushion
  • Well padded and ergonomic shoulder straps with Velcro lock
  • Black chrome custom Slickbag zippers and buckles
  • Exclusive plush lining
  • Made of water resistant and tear proof Polyester
  • Color gray

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