The Slickbag Family

Endorsement Request
If you want to represent Slickbag and become a member of the family, please send us an email with a brief explanation why you want to be endorsed by Slickbag. Also include contact information, links to your or your band’s website, picture(s) and link to electronic press kit if available. Once your request is submitted it will be reviewed and replied to accordingly.

We are always interested in finding good ambassadors to support us outside Scandinavia. Don’t hesitate to contact us now!

Pelle Holmberg

Ibanez Artist, Pelle Holmberg Group

Aleks Sever

Recording Artist

Ulf Wadenbrandt

Conductor & Percussionist, Sweden Symphony Orchestra, Russian Philharmonic Orchestra

Samuel Gajicki

Recording Artist

Georg Wadenius

Session Great, Photo by Per Ole Hagen

Ole Børud

Recording Artist, Extol, Fleshkiller

Jamie Meyer

Recording Artist

Paulo Mendonca

Recording Artist

Buzz Feiten

Session Great

Vahagn Stepanyan

Producer, Arranger, Recording Artist

David Henriksson

Independent, Kyle Daniel

Staffan Astner

Session Great, Eric Bibb

Davide Pannozzo

Recording Artist

Jimmy Källqvist

Independent, Carola

Karl-Johan Wigander

Independent, USA

Lars Danielsson

Session Great

Jonas Gröning

Independent, Musical Director of Let’s Dance, Yamaha Artist

Rochon Westmoreland

Santa Fe & The Fat City Horns, Bill Champlin, Jeffrey Osborne

Steve Lawson

Solo Bassist, Recording Artist

Peter Iwers

Independent, Cyhra

Mike Prince

Independent, Photo by Simeon Boys-Layton

Phil Madeira

Recording Artist, Emmylou Harris, Amy Grant, Toby Keith, Shawn Mullins

Magnus Fritz


Erik Söderlind

Recording Artist, Photo by Pelle Lundberg

Rasmus Kihlberg

Jacob Karlzon, Viktoria Tolstoy, NDR Big Band

Daniel Kemish

Recording Artist

Tobbe Fall


Herman Furin

Work Of Art

Ulf Rockis Ivarsson

En Svensk Tiger, Beat Under Control, Paatos, Photo by Pelle Lundberg

Peter Hallström

Recording Artist

Jonathan Fritzén

Recording Artist

Anders Iwers

Dark Tranquillity

More Slickbag Artists

Michel Santunione

Grand Theft Culture

Eirik Vigeland

Independent, Kaja Gunnufsen

Claudio Zanghieri

Independent, Recording Artist

Peter Bylin

Swenor Project, Zildjian & Vic Firth Artist

Sebastian Lilja

Hush Forever