Welcome to the Slickbag Outlet!

The Outlet offers good bags for purchases within the EU at an even better price. Here you find our end-of-series models or B-stock with a really good discount. You get 40-50% off the regular price of all products available in the Outlet! Add to cart, view cart, type the coupon code and you’ll see the discount.
Scroll down to the bottom of this page where you will find all the models available.
Please note that all Outlet bags are brand new, never used bags.

Available models with promo code;

SLB-AGW, Acoustic Western bag: outletAGW
SLB-EG335, Electric 335 bag: outletEG335
SLB-KBS61, Keyboard bag 61k: outletKBS61
SLB-DJ20, DJ Controller bag: outletDJ20
SLB-SBL10, Real Leather Stick bag: outletSBL10

Read this before placing an order in the Outlet ***

Terms and conditions
No warranty. No refund. Products being returned will not be handled or dealed with. Shipping is additional. No free shipping applies.
** Important: Due to expensive shipping costs the outlet products are only available for purchases within the EU countries **

What you get
Defects are mostly of cosmetic nature, for example slant inner pocket, scuffs or “dents”, missing flag label, flag label upside down etc.
Unfortunately we can not specify every defect, that would be too time consuming, but we do not ship any bag that is not usable in terms of function or protection.
These bags are all hand picked and we strongly believe that with the generous discount you won’t be disappointed with your Outlet purchase.

Important information

Please note that pictures show full price bags. The pictures are only for reference and don’t show any defect or difference referred to in the above text.
Every bag has one or more of the listed imperfections. Some are more obvious than others. If you have any questions please send us an email before placing the order.