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Upgraded late 2023 the SLB-EG30 is a slick, sturdy guitar bag designed and manufactured to protect your precious guitar for years to come. Lightweight, well padded ergonomic shoulder straps with Velcro lock and a smart front pocket compartment that allows you to bring and organize everything you need. Fits all common guitar models like Strat, Tele, Les Paul, ES339, PRS, Larrivee and many more.

Please note that the photos show a previous edition.


  • 1040 (l) x 310 (upper bout) x 360 (lower bout) mm inner measures
  • 30 mm high density padding
  • Padded underneath the main zip
  • Internal bottom, bridge and head reinforcements
  • Front pocket compartment with lots of storage
  • Detachable neck pad
  • Well padded and ergonomic shoulder straps with Velcro lock
  • Black chrome Slickbag zippers and buckles
  • Exclusive plush lining
  • Made of water proof, flame proof and tear proof high end Polyester
  • Color gray

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