Gig bag Electric Guitar

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The SLB-EG30 is a sturdy guitar bag designed and manufactured to protect your precious guitar for years to come. Sturdy but lightweight, well padded ergonomic shoulder straps with Velcro lock and a smart front pocket compartment that allows you to bring and organize everything you need. Fits all common guitar models like Strat, Tele, Les Paul, ES339, PRS, Larrivee and many more.



  • 1040 (l) x 310 (upper bout) x 360 (lower bout) mm inner measures
  • 30 mm high density foam padding
  • Padded underneath the main zip
  • Internal bottom, bridge and head reinforcements
  • Front pocket compartment with lots of storage
  • Detachable neck pad
  • Well padded and ergonomic shoulder straps with Velcro lock
  • Black chrome custom Slickbag zippers and buckles
  • Exclusive plush lining
  • Made of water resistant and tear proof Polyester
  • Color gray

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